SkinAllure make use of the innovative peptide therapy connected with the best natural vegetable ingredients. Reduce your wrinkles and regain your youth! Where does the innovativeness lie? It is the maximum concentration of innovative peptides (mini proteins) which are the latest scientific discovery in the field of pharmacology.

            They guarantee reduction of mimic wrinkles through relaxing the contractions in the area of the wrinkles and they ensure reconstruction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The process is proven by clinical tests at international research centres. There are millions of satisfied women using this innovative therapy!

            SkinAllure is a perfect supplement after a mesotherapy treatment. Improvement of the appearance of skin in the area of mimic grooves and neck takes place already after 30 days of application. The preparation is meant for all types of skin; it is totally safe and brings about long-lasting results. Apart from Anti Aging properties, it guarantees comprehensive daily skin care, moisturises and firms it and has antioxidative properties.

Application. For best effect apply a bit of the preparation overnight onto thoroughly cleansed and dried skin in the area of mimic wrinkles and neck. Within a few seconds after application you may experience a sensation of pinching and tingling, but it should not worry you, as it is the effect of the peptides contained in the cream. A one-time increase in the volume of the preparation does not affect the anti-wrinkle efficiency.



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